Perrie Edwards chooses the IA Portable Vocal Booth

Perrie Edwards chooses the IA Portable Vocal Booth

Singer, songwriter and Little Mix band member, Perrie Edwards has joined the growing list of accomplished artists choosing in the Imperative Audio Portable Vocal Booth for their studio.

Perrie teased new solo releases last month by posting selfies on Instagram inside her new Portable Vocal Booth.

The team at Studiospares had the pleasure of working with Perrie to build her new studio, which will undoubtedly become her new hub of creativity for new music, and we are very excited that the PVB will be playing a huge part of it.

Mike Fletcher, Head of Pro Audio and Broadcast at Studiospares was tasked with creating a demo and writing room for Perrie. It was required that the space was quiet and able to create the best possible recorded results, whilst providing a space where writers, producers, and Perrie could collaborate freely.

The PVB was the perfect choice as it would allow Perrie to capture excellent-quality vocal recordings in a vocal booth without feeling separated and isolated from what was happening in the studio.

Perrie along with Little Mix were catapulted into the limelight in 2011 after successfully winning series eight of The X-Factor, resulting in them signing their first major record deal with Simon Cowell’s, Syco Music. They are to date, the only female group to have won the British version of the competition.

Since then, Little Mix have sold over 65 million records, embarked on 6 tours, sold over two million concert tickets, celebrated becoming the first female group to spend 100 weeks in the Top 10 of the UK Single Chart, and have earned their place as one of the best-selling pop groups of all time.

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More on the PVB:

The Portable Vocal Booth (PVB) is the ultimate home and studio recording solution for musicians and voiceover artists. The PVB is as close as you can get to a truly portable microphone friendly vocal/voice recording environment without building a perfect acoustically treated environment in your home or studio.

The PVB solves most of the problems that we encounter trying to record vocals in an untreated room. This is thanks to its cylindrical design which helps to eliminate offensive reflections and standing waves found in acoustic solutions with corners, which in turn gives you a clean, balanced, and unaffected recording result.

Creating the right environment for you and your microphone is paramount for achieving great sound and performance. Space, comfort, versatility, and acoustics are all key elements for any vocal or instrument booth.

Neil Rogers reviewed the PVB in Sound On Sound recently saying that “the sound of the recording captured in the booth was excellent, with a nice dry sound that was achievable without the artist having to get unnaturally close to the mic. This is a testament to the PVB design as performance and consistency were key goals for the Imperative Audio team.”

He continues with “I recorded a number of singers in the booth and achieved excellent results on every occasion“and summarised that “it’s easily the best-sounding product I’ve tried in the field, and you can definitely make commercial-quality recordings…”

You can read the full Sound On Sound: Imperative Audio PVB review here.

The Imperative Audio PVB Portable Vocal Booth is available in the UK from and in the US from

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