Songwriter & Producer Mike Rose

Songwriter & Producer Mike Rose

Mike Rose Songwriter and Producer (Mica Paris, Gary Barlow …)

Mike Rose is an accomplished songwriter and producer based in the UK. His work includes many hits with artists including Gary Barlow, PWL, East 17 and Gabriel. Mike has more recently been working with Mica Paris, one of the UK’s best soul singers who has graced our musical landscape since the late 80’s. We would also like to offer Mica our congratulations on her M.B.E. which was announced last week. 

In this not to be missed interview, Mike talks about his life, work and quite a bit in between. He also talks about his love for the Sontronics Mercury and the Imperative Audio Portable Vocal Booth which he used for the first time with Mica Paris. 

Drop us an email if you have a story about your IA Portable Vocal Booth, we would love to feature you. 

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